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Easter Madness

Bank Holiday weekend is nearly upon us...4 days of new doggies and cats. We have 5 new waggers joining us this weekend. 2 Border Terriers called Monty and Truffles, a long haired Dachsund called Charlie, a Lab called Dolly and a real mix - if I had to guess a splash of labradoodle with collie perhaps? Plus we have two of our regular waggers the gorgeous Staffies Rio and Lily. Plus we also have 5 cats to visit! We are certainly going to be busy bees. Not only our boarders but we also have 2 new regular wagger for walks, a labradoodle called Molly who will be walked by Momma Wagger and a beaut puppy JR called Bella who will be walked by Martin.

We will certainly enjoy our Easter and with all this walking hopefully work off all those choccie eggs. Plus head over to Mum's house to take art in the traditional scavanger hunt Sunday morning and cooked breakie by Momma wagger.

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